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Is a research center in agri-food technologies responsible for carrying out scientific research and technological development programs in the field of agri-food technologies relating in particular to the promotion of research in the fields of technologies applied to the agri-food sector. read more

Our Missions

The main mission entrusted to the RCAFT is advancing knowledge and being useful to society, a national mission that the center intends to fulfill in compliance with the rules of ethics and by committing to professional equality.
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Our Research Divisions


The Food Biology and Chemistry division is a multi-disciplinary research axis of the CRTAA whose objectives are to ensure the study of the composition of foods and their evolution…


The Food Safety division monitors food safety and quality control. This division also ensures continuous monitoring of the hygiene and safety of food as well as the maintenance…

The Food Regulatory Alerts and Monitoring division’s mission is to prevent food fraud and protect the consumer, which is among the concerns of the CRTAA which…

La division de l’Ingénierie des Aliments et des Procédés Agro-Alimentaires mène des recherches pour l’avancement de la science dans le secteur agroalimentaire. Cette division…


La division d’Agro-Ecologie Alimentaire est impliquée dans l’étude de l’environnement  et des changements qui impactent ce dernier d’où son action sur la disponibilité alimentaire..

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